The Seychelles Media Commission has received an invitation from the Electoral Commission to be part of a media subcommittee, which will be mandated to deal with complaints received during the election period. The committee will also comprise of the two local observer groups, along with representative of the E.C. The invitation comes leading up to 2020 election, under the guidance of the E.C’s Chairman Danny Lucas.

Article 116. (1,c) of the Seychelles Constitution, mandates the Electoral Commission to keep under continuous review the practices and working, including such matters as finance, broadcast and advertising of political campaigns in respect of elections and referenda under this Constitution. The E.C therefore, regulate all matters concerning the media and election, and legally, the media commission is not involved in this process.

This initiative on the part of the E.C has been welcomed by the SMC, which for over the past ten years, initiated a number of dialogues with the E.C to discuss matters concerning the media. These have included the need to amend the law when it comes to the broadcast of Party Political Broadcasts and other initiatives that would improved the relationship between the media and the E.C and help improve coverage of elections.

As the SMC prepares to take on this role, it continues to monitor the media and advertising of political parties and also prepares to monitor the media on the ground on polling day.