Following the decision of the National Broadcaster to drop the National Anthem from its regular programming schedule, the SMC received a number of objections towards this decision. This matter was tabled at the SMC Board meeting and it was agreed that the SMC write to the SBC to address this issue and request that the decision be reviewed. 

In a letter addressed to the SBC CEO, Mr Ibrahim Afif explained that the National Anthem is a national symbol that unites the nation. It has been feature on both radio and television for the past fifty years and that it is a tradition that should not be lost, despite the new schedule being implemented by the SBC.

CEO Afif put emphasis on the lyrics of the Seychelles National anthem and explained that the words seeks to unite the nation and remind us of our aims, our national achievements and national pride. The letter also expressed that in its capacity as the National broadcaster, the SBC is expected to fulfil both a social and public service.

The SBC is an independent body, despite being funded by public funds, therefore CEO Afif reiterated that the SMC did not wish to encroach on its independence.  

The SMC now awaits a response from the SBC.