The Non-Government Organisation, Transparency Initiative Seychelles has organised a half day workshop for journalists, as part of a project funded by the European Union. The workshop was led by lawyer, Bernard Georges and subjects covered include Defamation, Freedom of Expression, Access to Information and Privacy. The workshop was attended by a number of media houses alongside representatives of the Association of Media Practitioners and Seychelles Media Commission.


The half-day session looked at a number of laws including Access to information Law, Defamation Law as well rights and freedoms, as well as the restrictions that are prescribed by law. The workshop was as an opportunity for journalists to table actual cases to Mr. George and his team, for instance embargo that is imposed when it comes to the naming of child abusers locally and criminal defamation law that still exist in the country and that have always been a concern to journalists.  


Transparency Initiative Seychelles (TIS) was launched in 2018. TIS is part of Transparency International. The workshop has been organised as part of a European Union funded project called “Towards improving Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance in Seychelles”.


The workshop has been welcomed by journalists, in the absence of trainings in the area of media laws.